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“It’s an experience.”

Our Story | Community Chorus Studio was created to help people - small business owners, creatives, individuals - who want to share some part of their story.

Our Origins | Creative Director + Founder Kristine Morgan is from Indianapolis. She completed a BA in Film and Media Production from Arizona State University in 2012. Since then, she has lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York City before relocating back to Indianapolis in late 2018. She has studied improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade, acting at HB Studio NYC, and creative writing at Catapult. She has been writing and designing since high school, and in 2010 while a film student, she began shooting photos and videos. Community Chorus Studio was born out of her freelance work in photo, video, and design.

Kristine’s Story | Born in 1990, Kristine remembers life before the Internet but was young enough when she used a computer the first time to be a real MySpace-era coding whiz. Kristine has always been interested in human interaction, even more so as it has evolved. Her own story has shaped how she creates. She grew up attending a Presbyterian church school, but by high school she was debating in government class on behalf of universal healthcare. In 2010, she lost her mother in a car crash and her father to dementia, though alcohol started to take them both many years before. Empathy is the driving force in everything she does, even if it’s disguised in thick layers of righteous anger and justice. She is a Libra, after all.

Our Philosophy | We want to offer our creative services to be approachable and accessible but always excellent. Our background is in narrative and visual storytelling. We put everything that we have gathered over the years into the work we do. To us, this is bigger than creating content. This is human connection. We want you to respect our time, vision, and effort as much as we respect yours. We offer sliding scale pricing with emphasis on lifting up POC, LGBTQ+, and female businesses and individuals, as well as advocates for ethical and eco-conscious production in all steps of their work. Contact us for a chat or to start working together. Thank you for being here and taking the time to check out our work.