“It’s an experience.”
“But how frequent?”

Anon:   What services do you offer?
KLM:    I appreciate you asking. I can offer many services, Much of what I have been paid to accomplish is not even shown here on this site. Those tasks include but are not limited to customer service, scheduling, food and beverage preparation, answering phones, filing, booking travel, budgeting, mopping, research, transcribing, taking out the trash, data entry, hiring and managing other humans, running errands, and organizing digital databases. However, the services I highlight on this site are the ones that I am most interested in marketing. TLDR; film and video projects, photography, writing, and design.

Anon:   I have an opportunity for you that will be great exposure-
KLM:    No thank you. I’ve worked for others for no pay, and I’ve had others work for me with no pay. In most cases, this only works with mutual understanding and a previous familiarity. If you are reaching out and leading with this, I’m not sure the conditions are right. 

Anon:   Where do you work?
KLM:    Currently Indianapolis, but projects have taken me all over, and I am also comfortable with remote assignments. Please reach out, and we can make a plan.

Anon:   What is your pricing?
KLM:    It depends on a few things, including the scope and deadline of the project. The best thing to do is to contact me to discuss. I am very much open to working within your budget if it seems fair to both parties. The last thing I want to do is limit my services to only be accessible to clients with certain degrees of privilege. That being said, this trust system works only when empathy is involved, both ways. Emotional energy is perhaps my most precious asset, as I’m sure it is yours too. Let’s both respect that.

Anon:   What kind of camera do you use?
KLM:    I use whatever equipment I feel best serves the specific project and conveys the correct tone and narrative.

Anon:   Do you have any advice for someone starting out?
KLM:    Please, don’t take on a project if it is ethically conflicting for you in any way. Be careful when you’re speaking with others. I am always striving to be more gentle. Be mindful when selecting collaborators. Be inclusive.

Anon:   What do your tattoos say?
KLM:    Each and every one of them says “I don’t know you.”